About Randy- Photographer

      I have always been creative and have had a need for artistic expression. I built hot rods before I could drive, I made my own surf boards, fly rods, boats and furniture, later I built our home. The furniture design and building led to a business, The Bentwood Company. I designed and built furniture for 40 years. During those years I photographed as much as possible.
      In the late 60's I bought a 35mm Pentax SLR, and built a darkroom in my Dad's garage, photography became a large part of my life. I started with 35mm SLR's, moved to medium format and then to large format. I worked in a variety of B&W darkrooms, I loved that part of the process and how it completed the photographic process. In recent years I switched to digital and the digital lightroom.

About My Photography

      Being a photographer has become a large part of who I am. I am process driven, addicted and passionate about the creative process of photography. The passion and addiction for the process is what drives me. The final image is what I share with others. My hope is that my images communicate my passion for the experience as well as the beauty and mystery of our world.
      I enjoy all kinds of photography. Outdoor nature photography is my first love, it is a dynamic process that challenges my skills and presents opportunities to make images that move my audience. Digital technology gives me powerful tools to create images that were not possible during the film era. I use these tools to photograph the world, by capturing the information transmitted by light. Then I use the computer tools to make the finished images. I print my own images on Photo papers and canvas. My goal is to create images that represent what I see and feel when I look through the camera. I do not use the tools to fool my audience.

About This Web Site

      This site represents a new journey, a time in my life to share my experiences and images with a larger audience. I retired from the furniture business and am devoting most of my time to photography, working at developing a photography business. Being a furniture maker was my avocation, being a photographer is who I am. Join me and my wife, Debi, on this adventure, be moved by my images and read about my experiences.